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We're proud of our team and their diverse backgrounds and experiences.  It's what makes us great.  In our "Connecting with our Experts" series, we're excited to shine light on our talented leaders to share their story and their insights.

Next up is Melissa Davis!  Melissa is a sales guru who exudes optimism.  She is always there to support causes she believes in and loves a good trip!

Q:  What "virtue" do you possess that you believe has had the biggest impact on your growth and development? Why?

Melissa:  The virtue that has had the biggest impact on my growth and development is definitely optimism. Personally and professionally, there have been some extremely difficult times where the choices were to quit or change my mindset and get it done no matter what. It's a lot easier to face a challenge with a positive outlook than to look for all the negatives and drown yourself in fear. Optimism is very contagious and will often spread to those around you as well. It's incredible how much more you can accomplish when you have an optimistic perspective in life.


Q:  What is one skill or hobby you've picked up since March?

Melissa:  A hobby I've picked up is walking dogs/dog sitting. I love meeting new pups and with everything shut down, I took it as an opportunity to grow a small dog walking business through Wag and Rover. I've been able to hang out with fun (and sometimes VERY hyper) dogs, get daily exercise and meet some really cool pawrents!


Q:  If you could meet 1 leader for coffee, who would it be and why?

Melissa:  Since the start of 2020, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts about personal development. One that has really stuck out recently and I can't get enough of, is Evolve with Emily. She is a leader in the fitness industry, but continuously looks to evolve herself every single day. One of her mantras is having gratitude every single day, even for the smallest things. It would be great to meet Emily Hayden, I've been using a lot of her practices she discusses in podcasts. One of her recent episodes discusses "failure is a personal decision", this has really resonated with me. I truly believe everything is "figureoutable" no matter what.


Q:  What’s a cause that’s important to you?

Melissa:  I'm involved in many causes and am always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. It's something that's been important to me my whole life. I can remember being very young and *attempting* to draw pictures of the Tall Ships when they came to Boston on year. I sold them in my neighborhood for $1 each and donated the money to a local organization in my town. I was about 5 or 6 years old...the drawings were NOT good but feeling like I made a difference with the few dollars I raised in my small neighborhood stuck with me. In terms of the causes that I'm most passionate about, I would definitely have to say anything that supports veterans, cures for diseases, recovery programs and animal rescues. I recently traveled out of the country and helped to rescue puppies on the island that were in awful living conditions. A few days after the rescue, I helped to transport two of them to their new loving furever families in the US. Seeing the joy in their new families eyes and knowing the puppies are safe is such a rewarding experience!


Q:  If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

Melissa:  Flying, definitely flying. I've gone skydiving twice, nothing beats that feeling of freedom. It sounds crazy, but it's one of the most exciting yet calming things you can do. There's just something about touching the clouds and the breeze that high up that's so peaceful. I would travel everywhere and have the best views while doing it!


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