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Managing Partner Culture & Operations , Amp Up1 Hospitality Management Group

Corey Simpson is an undeniable unicorn in the hospitality industry. Between his infectious charisma and charm and his disciplined approach to generating results that benefit the business, Corey has a gift. What makes him one of the most well-respected leaders in the industry is his humility and how he innately exemplifies servant leadership which has enabled him to develop high performing teams and undeniable results.

AMPup1 Blog September Corey Simpson InsideCorey grew up in Connecticut and got his start in the hospitality world behind the bar, first in a support role, and then eventually taking center stage as a bartender all while attending school. It was Corey’s natural gift for connecting with his guests and team members that made him a natural fit for hospitality. His remarkable work ethic and easy-going attitude made him an instant guest and team favorite as a bartender as well as being universally recognized among his peers as a team player. As Corey mastered the art of “mixology”, his skills and influence began to develop and shine and he was recognized as a leader and took his journey down the leadership path.

Corey worked alongside several of the Amp Up1 Hospitality Leaders at the previous entertainment brand and was given the opportunity by these mentors to move into a management role. During Corey’s over six years with the “eatertainment” brand, he worked in over 7 of the company's locations, in 3 different states, opening 2 of them. During this time Corey moved from an hourly support role to the Senior Director of Operations for the company. Corey applied the same process and principles that have helped him accelerate in school, team sports, bartending and his previous jobs to grow as fast as he was able to: “Learn it. Master it. Teach it to someone else.”

One of Corey’s biggest accomplishments is the successful opening of the location in Miami, Florida, and his eventual reign in Nashville, Tennessee. Corey has a very unique ability to adapt to his environment and understand that environment before he takes his values and process and eventually integrates those into the new location. He builds a level of trust and admiration with his team as he successfully “walks the talk” in every role in the venues he runs. His agility and connection with his team and the locals have made him a key player in helping to scout and open new locations.

Corey’s personal growth can be directly tied to his heightened level of personal reflection and his passion for self-education. Corey has such an admirable desire to learn and grow not just from mistakes, but to adapt great attributes from each mentor he’s had along the way into his own leadership style.

Despite being thrust into a few challenging situations, Corey seems to dissect the challenges and solve them and not simply succumb to “learned helplessness”. Corey can walk into any situation, size it up and change the course of a very big ship. He’s able to push his team by being right beside them and masterfully connects the dots showing them how their changed behaviors have lead to tangible results. He is a marathon leader who balances discipline with empathy like a Jedi Master.

As one of the key founding fathers of the “AMP Up1 Hospitality Core Values”,  Corey will always profess that sticking to a great set of virtues even when it’s easy not to, is how he gets results. He uses these values as his North Star and teaches these to those around him to help get the buy-in from his team. Never wavering from these values, Corey describes people’s “process” as their “most prized possession” and explains how processes take years to build and lead people to sustainable results. Corey was recognized by the AMP Up1 Executive Team with the coveted Culture Values Award, one of the most prestigious awards given to those who embody and teach the Values by living them.

Since joining AMP Up1 Hospitality Group, Corey’s “trust in his journey” has risen to new heights and has been a catalyst for incredible accomplishments that will drive the company into the future. He has a relentless drive for personal growth which, when coupled with introspection, allow Corey to be one of the key innovators in many of the exciting The 3rd Spot™️ “Eatertainment 2.0” changes being introduced to the brand. Among many of the projects he is involved in, Corey is closely involved in the critical process of site selection, which will help to define the future and growth of The 3rd Spot as it launches all over the country.

Corey’s dedication, grit, integrity, work ethic, and faith in his journey, matched with his charisma and charm have put him on a rocketship to success. He is an incredibly crucial piece of the AMP Up1 team and will be instrumental in our growth into the future.

When he’s not working, Corey enjoys relaxing time playing golf, cornhole, working out, trying hard to improve his shuffleboard game, and loves spending time with his family, especially his Grandfather and very supportive Mother who have had a profound impact on his life.

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