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Large groups socializing without masks and standing less than 6 feet apart is a not so distant vision dancing in the minds of so many people in our world today. Rather than being ostracized for going out with people outside of your household, it will soon be encouraged to do so as our society (and economy) rebuilds. The human race sort of depends on it. After what will likely become an 18-month quarantine to the likes that most generations have never experienced, experts predict a post-pandemic “roaring ’20s redux” as our society, wired for interconnectedness, serves one of its most natural instincts.
Even before this, cultivating meaningful face-to-face interactions has had its challenges in recent years. In a 2019 study by CVS Health, 53% of millennials reported they don't know where to meet new people. So where will people go when restrictions are lifted to fill their primal urges for human connection? With somewhat of a blank slate, how will people define a “new normal” for meeting people?
Meeting people has only gotten more difficult in recent years
Technology has been and continues to be the leading source of connecting people looking for friendship, love and to network. When the floodgates open, buckle up.
Enter Connections™, an advanced, proprietary platform built on The Third Spot'ss membership program app that allows guests to find and meet up with each other in a fun and innovative way. Also, it’s free to use!
“Hey Google: Where are the best places to go on a date or meet up with friends? Answer: Bowling Alleys. Arcades. Coffee Shops. Beer Gardens. Cocktail Bars. Tapas Restaurants.”  Imagine a place that had all of these under one roof?!
Scroll through the apps on a Millenial or Gen Z phone and you are likely to find at least one dating or meet-up group app. What if these platforms owned the businesses that people went on their meet up when they made a connection? Imagine a marriage of SaaS and Brick & Mortar?
With the Connections™ program, after opting in, guests simply fill out their profiles including demographics, interests and ratings of The 3rd Spot's specific gaming options. Once entered, guests can match with a projected 10,000 other members per location* and seamlessly reserve an experience without ever having to leave the app. Connections™ helps find a day and time that works, selecting from each individual’s available time slots, then the member can interface with the venue to search for open, “off-peak” inventory to make sure there is availability for their meet up. Match and Connect!

*the typical The 3rd Spot™️ venue hosts over a quarter million visitors per year. 

Feb Blog AppMockupEasily match based on game interests in the Connections platform
Taking the concept further, guests who are feeling more spontaneous and adventurous (perhaps after some social lubricant), can “Live Connect” while in the venue and find similar-minded individuals. Imagine feeling inspired and finding a new Kornhole partner, shuffleboard opponent or bowling buddy without awkward introductions. It’s as easy as flipping a switch on the app.
Unlike popular dating apps, where matching is based solely on attributes, the Connections™ program allows for matches on specific game and activity interests. This, in turn, creates more meaningful and instant connections as well as an ice breaker for the parties meeting. Gone is the awkwardness of staring across a dinner table at a blind date as matching guests can dive right into the shared experience of an activity they both enjoy in an environment designed to eliminate those awkward moments. The Third Spot‘s 20-32 thousand square foot venues leave “so much room for activities”!
Bonus: Those who love to play “matchmaker” for individuals or groups, get leveled up to “Super Connector” status within the app, unlocking rewards and enhanced privileges.
The Unsubscribe Button
One of the problems with traditional dating apps is they lose subscribers once they “match”. If they work perfectly, they’ll run themselves out of business! With Connections™, instead of people “unsubscribing” after they make the match, they are more inclined to keep their The 3rd Spot™️ membership because the benefits don’t end when the connections begin. You continue to make connections and become immersed in the “The 3rd Spot™️ Community”. (And have access to tons of evolving activities and benefits).
So Many Ways to Connect
It’s not just for love, and it’s not simply just another dating app.The 3rd Spot™️ is about connecting people and creating community. Connections™ is for love, friendship, networking and more! The platform allows its members to start a Connections™ meetup group that share similar interests. Imagine meeting up on a Monday night with a fantasy football group or to discuss a book? Imagine there is a group that shares interest in music, movies, painting, cooking, cars, design? Connections™ utilizes new proprietary technology to bring people together and give them a space to unite based on shared interests and makes the connection seamless.
Create Moments That Earn Memories
When storing memories, the brain prioritizes those experiences that are most rewarding. This is why we remember tiny details centered around “first” experiences. Intense emotional sensations etch these experiences deeply into memory, creating what psychologists call "flashbulb memories." There is a rush when doing something novel, meeting new people and hitting it off. A rush that people want to capture and relive. Think of the first place you met a good friend, spouse or great business contact. These experiences build natural brand affinity that lasts a lifetime. During a time where society is working to tear down metaphoric walls, The 3rd Spot™️ and the Connections™ platform is building bridges.
“We are not in the business of selling food, drinks and experiences... our #1 job is 'connecting people and building community'.  What we sell is a reward for a job well done”. - Josh Rossmeisl, Founder & CEO of AMP Up1 Hospitality & The 3rd Spot™️
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