5 Habits & Hobbies we've picked up Working Remotely

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Working remotely has provided us with more of life's most valuable resource:  TIME.  Part of our mission with AMP Up1 Hospitality is to Value Time.  With this time, we've been able to be more active, read more, improve our sleep scores, improve our daily routines and also explore some unrelated and exciting passions.

We asked some of our team what hobbies or routines they’ve picked up since we’ve begun working remotely.  Here are some of our favorite answers:

  • Hand Lettering
    • "It's been a way to be creative off the computer getting back to the basics of ink & paper."  -Amanda Murray
  • Handmade Soap Making
    • "All soap is made with lye. There are so many options of what kind of soap you can make!"  -Erin Callahan 
  • Early Rising
    • "This has helped me plan my days, refelect, prioritize and be more productive overall."  -Doug Warner
  • Football Card Collection
    • "I have been able to build up a collection of over 5,000 cards, with a few of them being very limited edition cards."   -Brendan LeBlanc
  • Walking Daily
    • "It has helped me clear my head, feel productive and reflect.  I enjoy starting or ending my day by going for a long walk."   -Leandro Neves


 What opportunities or passions have you been able to explore?


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