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Working as a designer for 15+ years has allowed me to experience many parts of the design world. I’ve been in an agency setting, an in-house designer and freelanced, all for a variety of industries. Along the way, I’ve collected favorite resources that have helped me learn and create successful branding. 

While technology has evolved and social media has come into the game, a lot of design principles remain consistent. Below are some general design tips and some of my go-to’s when designing!  

Design Advice:

  • Don’t use too many fonts - keep it to 2 or 3 and use them consistently.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space - not every inch needs to be covered in an image or text. Let it breathe.
  • Respect the margins - unless it is meant to bleed off the edge - keep text & important content at least a half inch from the edge.
  • Create hierarchy - use fonts & color to highlight the most important information, while the rest can be more subtle.  
  • Please do NOT stretch your logo out of proportion for any reason at any time. If you are finding your logo does not work well in certain circumstances, it’s better to create an alternate version with those proportions to use when needed.   
  • When in doubt keep it simple. Clean & clear design will always be more impactful than one that is cluttered. 
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Here are some resources that I find to be most helpful in my toolbox:

Ted Talk

Dao Nguyen: What Makes Something Go Viral

This is a great talk focused on content creation. While we can’t always work the magic of making something go viral, we should be striving to make content that our audience finds value in. No matter your industry or business, you should take the time to map out the categories that your content should cover. Whether this is for social media, blogs, emails, marketing campaigns - anything you are putting out in front of your audience should hit on at least one of your categories. 


Creative Market

Creative Market is my favorite site for design assets. They have a wide range of reasonably priced fonts, vector graphics, images, templates, mockups, images to elevate your design. They also regularly offer great bundles and 6 free assets each week with the creation of a free account!


Milton Glaser’s Unseen Design for New York: “Together”

Milton Glaser was an iconic graphic designer, best known for the “I ❤️ NY” logo. His final work in 2020 was in response to the pandemic as a way to connect people through art. This interview with him gives amazing insight into the thought behind this design and others with his goal of bringing people together.

Stock Photography

Unsplash & Pixabay - Both of these sites have some great options for Free Stock Imagery. Unsplash is only photography but more unique than traditional stock sites, while Pixabay also includes illustrations, vector graphics and some video. 

Adobe Stock - Great option for a paid stock site. It’s a monthly subscription, but unused downloads roll over month to month. It includes photography, illustrations, vector graphics, mock ups & templates. 


What The Font

This site lets you upload an image of a font you are trying to identify. If it can’t find an exact match it will suggest some close options for you. Can come in handy!



I use Hootsuite for all of my social media scheduling. It gives you a great calendar view showing when your content will post and you can easily set up 1 post to go to multiple accounts or platforms. They also have a really great newsletter that goes out every two weeks with articles from their blog giving useful, actionable tips for social media marketing. 



Impresso is an app that allows you to easily make dynamic image/video posts for social media. They have a number of free templates & features or layouts you can use to start from scratch. Easy to use for anyone - no design experience required! 


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