10 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

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At AMP Up1, we believe in the importance of gratitude.  It helps to connect us.  Telling and showing someone how much you appreciate them goes a long way!   A grateful mindset is a happy mindset and is an essential building block for personal growth.

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This Thanksgiving, here is just a small sample what our team is thankful for:

1. Amanda:  “Time: Being able to reprioritize, reflect and spend my time where it matters most.”

2. Erin:  “Family and being able to spend time outside in the warmer weather!”

3. Aaron:  “Time with friends and family as we stay safe and healthy. Hopefully the Cowboys will get the ‘W’ this Thanksgiving!”

4. Brendan:  “An opportunity. I feel lucky enough to be in the position to be surrounded with people who care about each other and be able to help build the next greatest concept.” 

5. Leo:  “My family and their health. This year has been a hard year for everyone, but for me my motivation is them and they have been incredible this year by being so supportive and also responsible with all the challenges we have faced.”

6. Leandro:  “Change: There is a lesson in everything and it takes change to force us to stop and reflect on the things that are important.”

7. Josh:  “Our team.  Watching talent emerge, and our team supporting each other when and where they need it most is a true blessing.”  

8. Don:  “Family, for the new bonds these times have created, and friends for the way we have all increased our awareness to help and to reach out and support one another.”

9. Chris:  “Perspective.  Feel very fortunate to be where I am and it gives me a calmness and gratitude I don't believe I've had in past years.”

10. Doug:  “Our team sharing a clear vision and having the guts and trust in each other to pursue it.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours from the AMP Up1 team!


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