Top 5 Reads for the Holidays

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“Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers”.  President Harry S. Truman

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We love to learn and we love to read!  Here our 5 of our favorite reads right now- great gift ideas for the holidays!

“Great rules that can fuel life, work and team with positive energy.  In such unknown times, the one thing we can control is our outlook into everything we do.”  -Leandro Neves

"This helped prioritize a company foundation and core ideology as the primary pillar of success and long term growth.”  -Josh Rossmeisl

“Showed me there is a window of productivity that, with a little discipline and consistency, will open up my days, allow undistracted work and reduce stress.”  -Doug Warner

“Gives clarity on processes for doing the work without letting things hold you back.” - Amanda Murray

“I have so much respect for his perspective and process. He's admittedly not the most talented and some of his initial ideas failed, but he perseveres and finds ways to help his people succeed.  On top of that, I believe he’s a great story teller.”  -Chris Barrows

 Happy reading!



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