"The culture is more than a mission statement. It's a feeling we all share. I appreciate how each person values the next. Those are Facts!” 
- Charles

beverage director

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Charles Williams

Charles Williams originally hails from Central Florida and is a Truett McConnell alumnus, where he attended on a basketball scholarship and studied Sports Management. Charles’s love of basketball began when he was young and he had the opportunity to play at Edgewater High School in Orlando, Florida. During his basketball career Charles has played, coached and refereed in various tournaments with NBA greats like Vince Carter, John Wall, Chandler Parsons, Victor Oladipo, Austin Rivers, Courtney Lee, and the entire Orlando Magic team. 

His passion for team athletics and his drive to coach and perform on a winning team brings a unique perspective to his daily life where today, as a leader he is always “analyzing the plays” and working to “run it back”. His goal is to consistently improve performance with the knowledge gained from his experiences - win, lose, or draw. 

Charles’s journey in the entertainment industry began in early 2013 when he joined the very young brand Kings Dining & Entertainment and decided to start off in an hourly team member role and see where he could take himself within the growing brand.  

If you know Charles, you know one thing: When he sets his mind to something, he achieves his goals and exceeds expectations. This journey was no different than his experience with athletics and higher education. Starting off with an opening team of about 150 team members, Charles knew there was only one path to rise to the top and that is through hard work and a commitment to personal growth.  

In a short period of time, Charles moved up from a team member into a leadership role within the Kings brand. He traded in his wine key for a key to the building when the Wait Assistant, turned Bar Back, turned Bartender became the location's Beverage Manager. 

As the company was growing, so was Charles. He was drafted into the opening of the brand's Nashville, Tennessee location and oversaw the beverage program of a multi-concept venue in “Music City”. After successfully opening the brand's newest location Charles returned back to Orlando as the Assistant General Manager holding the 2nd-in-command spot in a location he started off at as a Wait Assistant just a few years earlier. 

Charles next step was to take the reins of the Raleigh, North Carolina location as the Director of Operations where he oversaw a complete remodel and relaunch of the location. With several openings under his belt by this point, Charles was a natural fit to lead the team and grow the brand. Not surprisingly, Charles achieved the highest year-over-year sales growth in the history of the company.  

In 2022, Charles was drafted into the AMP Up1 Hospitality team as a Managing Partner for the company’s breakout brand: Your 3rd Spot in Atlanta, Georgia. With Charles’s experience opening large entertainment venues, expert leadership qualities and commitment to the growth of his teams, he was a stand out pick for the brands founding team.
Charles is the true definition of a leader. His ability to captivate and motivate is an innate quality that he possesses which is admired by anyone he comes in contact with. Throughout his career and in any adventure he embarks upon, Charles bets on himself and wins. He has never focused on titles, money or benefits as the goal, yet always seems to be handed these as a result of his achievements. 
You only see a handful of truly talented leaders that possess qualities and attributes that Charles does. Work ethic, integrity, growth mindset, willingness to fail and get back up - a true passion for developing leaders and letting go of what gives him comfort in order to grow himself. Charles is among one of the greatest success stories we have seen over the years and is someone who hasn’t come close to reaching his full potential because he just keeps growing himself and those around him. 

When he’s not working, Charles is spending time with his incredibly supportive family. Every pivotal move he’s made has been supported by his Mother, brothers, Natalie and the many people in his life that give him the energy to keep betting on himself and taking chances. His constant source of drive and motivation is his amazing son Gabriel who, like Charles, is destined for greatness.  

To begin a company with a leader of the caliber of Charles at the helm starts the Your 3rd Spot brand on the most incredible trajectory.  

Charles’s journey continues….

- Erin Callahan

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Charles! He's just got the most upbeat personality that makes you want to do better. He takes fantastic care of the team he works with - he listens to them, trusts them and challenges them."

- Aaron Sagendorf

"Hands down one of the most kind and patient people I have ever met. Charles has a knack with people, his team and their needs always come first. His knowledge of beverage, food and operations is evident in every aspect of his work."

- Corey Simpson

"Charles' work ethic and desire to learn and grow is among the elites. He is always looking for ways to learn and grow himself and is methodical when applying those lessons to his team."

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