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“It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” — Conrad Hilton

As our digital world expands rapidly, there is a correlated decrease in the quality of relationships and genuine human connection.  At AMP Up1 Hospitality, our purpose is to build and enrich relationships by focusing our efforts on experiential dining.  Whether it's connecting (or re-connecting) people through low-tech interactive gaming at our brick and mortar The 3rd Spot™️ locations or consulting based on our 250+ combined years in the "eatertainment" space, we aim to enrich people's lives and create meaningful, lasting memories.

The 3rd Spot™️, is an experiential dining destination dedicated to connecting people and building community. The venues are carefully designed to create an upscale, social environment rooted in the idea that low-tech gaming, small plates dining and creative craft beverages foster the most fulfilling conversation, laughter, and genuine human connection.

Each 3rd Spot™️ features dozens of experiences curated for adults including 10-pin bowling, billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, easy score Cornhole, retro arcade and head-to-head games. Guests can enjoy low tech games on the sprawling indoor/outdoor patio, (“unCommons”) or gather in a semi private Cabana or a plush private bowling suite.

The 3rd Spot™️ has an innovative social ecosystem all run through an app that creates an elevated, frictionless experience with features like the Bucket List™️ (game discovery and cuing system), Connections™️ (match and meet people) and contactless ordering and payment. Members of The 3rd Spot™️ get daily deals, exclusive access and a concierge platform for only $15 a month.

Everyone has their 1st Spot (home) and their 2nd Spot (Work). Everyone needs a 3rd Spot to relax, unwind and enjoy life.

For more information, please visit the3rdSpot.com

AMP Up1 Consulting specializes in strengthening leadership, fostering culture, enhancing branding and driving sales profit producing results.   With a broad range of specialties and hundreds of combined years of applied experience, we help solve business challenges by providing valuable, proven insights, implementation all customized to guarantee success. 
We firmly believe the heartbeat of any organization is its people and the key to maximizing their fulfillment, happiness and success is to provide autonomy, mastery and purpose as key motivators.  We'll help develop a roadmap to unlock the potential of your organization and achieve new levels of sustainable success.

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