Our Story

Challenge the status quo to evolve. Think big. Start small. Scale appropriately.

In our combined 250+ years in this industry, we’ve learned that having leaders who are empowered and who have psychological safety are 10x more likely to protect and build their business.  Those working for a paycheck, get just that.  Those who have a meaningful purpose, operate like owners.  We give the clarity that leads to the purpose that builds momentum and creates meaningful change. 

What we do, outside of the guest experience is give purpose to our people. We operate with the philosophy of servant leadership and we know that a superior guest experience begins by taking care of our team first. We will use this same passionate process to continue to seek out other ways to unite people in ways that our industry has never achieved before on a large scale. 

Our Purpose

Connecting People and Building Community

Our Mission

      Hourglass White                   VALUE Time  

   Rocket White       ENCOURAGE Evolving Exploration 

Polaroids White      CREATE Moments That Earn Memories

Hand White       SHARE In Prosperity With Our Team & Community

Our Process

Become 1% better each day. It always seems impossible until it’s not.


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