Our purpose of Connecting People and Building Community is front of mind in each of the brands that we bring into the world. It's people first, every time.

"The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that put purpose over profit."

-richard branson

Your 3rd Spot is an innovative, vibe-forward social dining experience dedicated to connecting people and building community through the merging of technology and hospitality. A collection of 70+ social games, upscale small plates dining, and craft beverages are paired with an “all-seasons” design to create an engaging, comfortable, sociable environment. Guests are encouraged to make new connections and strengthen existing ones by utilizing a proprietary app that facilitates a frictionless, personalized experience. The Match & Connect™ social meetup platform and a unique community membership program further encourage making and growing meaningful relationships. Where and how you spend your time is more important than ever. Your first spot is home, your second spot is work…welcome to YOUR 3rd Spot! Your new social community.

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AMP Up1 Entertainment (AUE) is a collection of multi-skilled problem solvers who specialize in design, install, repair and maintenance of bowling centers, FEC’s, home entertainment and arcade centers. In addition, we offer Boston-area facilities handyman services and computer, networking and IT support.

We understand that every individual has different goals and headaches for their home or business and as your dream or fix-it list grows, it only becomes more daunting...but it doesn’t have to.

Our expert team’s passion is making the complex simple and turning problems into solutions, on time and on budget.

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