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- Erin

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Erin Callahan

Erin Callahan is a New Jersey native who attended school at Seton Hall before moving to Boston and receiving a degree in computer science and networking. She spent several years in the restaurant industry starting out as a server and bartender and eventually working into a leadership role. Erin worked in casual theme restaurants and upscale dining establishments before making the leap into "Eatertainment" in 2006 when she was recruited into the upscale experiential dining brand called Kings as the Assistant General Manager. 

Erin's area of expertise was put to the test as she took on the implementation of the many systems, culture, training, and operational enhancements that helped take a single unit brand and allow it to scale. Her time spent in operations was always focused on searching for better ways to support the team and make the guest experience seamless and memorable. Her experience in the hospitality industry prior to the eatertainment sector gave her a distinct advantage in balancing the high volume and complex operations with her incredible guest service acumen that translated to the team who looked up to her as their leader. Being an expert in dining room management and table turns, Erin helped develop the program that revolutionized the concept's core business and helped double sales by maximizing space on busy nights.

Erin eventually became a General Manager as the company grew and was a major part of building the foundation that allowed for the significant growth of the brand. Erin took her passion for the back office “POS” system to new heights as she explored the various ways to improve tracking and technology connected to the point of sale operating systems. She would program the POS system for each opening location and would vet all technology that the brand adopted in an effort to create a scalable solution that would allow the technology to help accelerate the momentum that was to be built.    

In her nearly 15 years working on the Kings brand, Erin moved from Assistant Manager to General Manager to Regional VP of Operations and eventually Vice President of Operations Technology. Erin was a swiss army knife that could take on any project big or small and redefine the outcome. She worked on new location openings and opened more than 10 locations over the years in several different states and was a major part of the successful openings. She would wear a construction hat in the mornings and would eventually trade that in for an IT hat in the evenings as she would help coordinate the technology, POS, and all Audio Visual for a location. Come "showtime" she would swap these all in for a Chef Coat to help on expo or would be helping welcome and seat guests, run food, or mop the floors. Whatever it takes to help support the teams and set up the leaders for success. 

In her new role at Amp Up1 Hospitality Group , Erin takes her nearly 25 years in the industry where she has crossed into many sectors and puts her knowledge, coupled with her work ethic, perseverance, and problem-solving patience to the ultimate test as she works to build Your 3rd Spot™️ brand and help consult on many projects big and small. No challenge is too big for Erin to take on and she gives confidence to those who work alongside her. 

Erin will continue to work closely on new location construction and permitting, technology innovation, and developing foundational processes that will help with the acceleration of momentum and the team's ability to do their jobs better with her upgrades. The incredible support Erin gives to every single department in the company is a major reason for the success of the Amp Up1 Team. The diverse leadership skills that Erin has developed along with the way helps her understand, support, and guide nearly every sector of the company and partners she works closely with.

Erin is a lover of animals and nature and enjoys reading books, watching great movies and trying out new recipes.   

- Michael Parker

"Erin is the real deal in anything technology, systems, processes, and explaining the WHY. Her ability to juggle multiple projects and continue taking action towards a desired result is why she has excelled as a leader."

- Leandro Neves

"Erin Callahan is truly a problem solving minded leader. Her belief in a better, faster and smarter way of doing things helped our team in staying productive and less "busy" with the things that truly matter in our business."

- Doug Warner

"Erin Callahan is an incredible force and teammate and is the type of unsung hero who pushes a team from good to great. Her vision is incredible and has allowed us as a team to dodge obstacles before they become a problem."

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