At Your 3rd Spot, we practice HOSPITALITY. It’s in our DNA. Our very PURPOSE for existing is Connecting People and Building Community.

We’re excited to share with you a sneak peek of the guiding hospitality principles that will shape your experience at Your 3rd Spot. Our entire philosophy is built around living our mission, values, and virtues so that we may fulfill our purpose.

AMP Up1 + your 3rd Spot  Hospitality Philosophy

Service vs Hospitality

is performing a task for someone  

is a selfless act of service in order to create an experience 



Break a rule and make a friend.

Our Hospitality is Driven by our Process

Make the choice. Have an action bias.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions that benefit the guest.

You are EMPOWERED to make the best decisions for our team and guests. You are not ENTITLED to do whatever you want.

It's okay to "Break the rules", just not the law. 

How did your decision impact the guest experience? 

Just say Y3S®

Eliminate Anonymous by listening attentively & responding creatively. Notice things.

How many of these questions can you answer before a guest leaves?

Where are they from?

Why did they come in?

What is 1 thing about them that cannot be seen?

What is one new thing they’ve tried today?

Have we earned their membership?

When one of us does well, we all do well.

Share in Prosperity with our Team & Community

When we know better, we do better. Learn who your guest is and do at least ONE thing that they aren't expecting that makes them happy.  

Create Moments That Earn Memories

Get a sense of what the guest likes and dislikes and encourage them to try something new, whether it’s food, drinks or gaming. 

Encourage Evolving Exploration

Urgently welcome and orient all guests.

Value Time -
It is our guest's most valuable resource.

Our Hospitality is Guided by our Mission

Embrace and utilize technology to maximize efficiency.

Make personalized menu recommendations and inform guests of new/seasonal options.

Our Hospitality is Personified by our Virtues


Have fun (it’s a choice). Don’t pass stress onto teammates or guests.

Approach Tuesday at 9pm the same way you would Saturday at 8pm.

Embrace challenges with passion and perseverance


Be open-minded! Approach every situation with curiosity.


Sincerely listen to understand.


Empathy and growth begin here. Understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as what you want to accomplish- then seek out feedback and knowledge so that you can grow. 

self awareness

Every guest is my guest.

Teamwork. Don’t blame and make excuses.

You can be right in an empty building, or you can be wrong with a loyal guest.

Perception is reality and reality pays the bills. 

Value the 2-top. They are as important as a 200 person event.

Busy isn’t an excuse for less of an experience. 

In this environment, we want to bring people together.

Let our hospitality be a catalyst and backdrop to great conversation, playful competition, contagious laughter, epic music, bold flavors, fun drinks, and good vibes.

Our Mantras

One person alone doesn’t define an experience. It’s the sum of the team’s actions.

We’re all working together towards the same purpose.
We don’t point fingers, we rally around each other.

Treat a 2-top with the same enthusiasm and importance as a large event.

The reality is the guest experience, regardless of our intentions. 

It’s not about “being right”, it’s about doing what’s right.

What we are balancing should not impact our guests.

Be on time and be coachable.

Two things that take zero talent but show big character

Our future success depends on each guest's answer to one question: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend Your 3rd Spot to a friend or colleague?”

The goal of Hospitality = Create “Raving Fans”

This makes you the most powerful marketing tool we have. Creating memorable experiences will make your guests tell other people that they should come to visit us.

How often would you return to Y3S?

The goal is to provide a perfect mix of value, service, experience, and products that lead a guest to feel they want to return “once a month or more”. If guests only see Y3S as a place for “Special Occasions”, we didn't deliver.

Still reading? We see you. Join the team!