"I can haz treats?” 
- Nugget

chief barketing officer

three truths + a lie

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From humble beginnings, Nugget has created a great life for himself in Atlanta. Originally from Florida, he was rescued by Kirt Strock and soon after discovered a love for hospitality. Nugget works as Chief Barketing Officer for Your 3rd Spot, giving tours, meeting future guests, attending events and spreading much love and exuberant energy. 

When he's not working, he can be found squirrel hunting or playing tug of war with his brother Binky. Nugget loves his Kong giant squid toy, Pupperoni, belly rubs and going on hikes. His love of exploration sometimes leads him to the kitchen countertops where he likes to steal vegetables, not to eat or chew, but to hide in his bed as the collectables they obviously are.  

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