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By: Jasmine Scott, Doug Warner & Amanda Murray Do you struggle with procrastination? Is it hard for you to set and achieve your goals? Have a hard time defining your personal process?  Charles Duhigg’s Smarter Better Faster is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their process within their personal, and/or professional life.     Through a […]

Smarter Better Faster Book Review

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Let’s face it, planning an event can be an extremely daunting process.  There are countless logistics to consider including dates, times, guest count, food, beverages, activities, and don’t forget about allergies!  What gets lost in the details and the pressure of wanting to nail it is the most important point of all: you have a […]

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated!

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by Josh Rossmeisl The Growth Conundrum Imagine you launch a business that becomes very popular, is loved by guests, and is quite profitable.  It becomes the talk of the town due to the service, vibe, food, and drinks. There are incredible advancements in technology, design, and guest offerings that make the concept unique and very […]

Secret Sauce: A Business Growth Manifesto

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When we landed the name “The 3rd Spot “ for our innovative “eatertainment 2.0” concept, we knew we were on to something.  A play on the term “the third place”, originally coined by sociologist Ray Oldenberg, the name perfectly encapsulated our purpose of building community and connecting people.   A 3rd Spot is a place that […]

Introducing YOUR 3rd Spot

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There are not many celebrations where a key component to the experience doesn’t involve some type of imbibing.  Well known as a “social lubricant”, alcohol can make us feel social, euphoric, confident and more relaxed.  There is a reason this is typically the first course in social settings and why people’s night out or celebration […]

Cocktail Lineup

Drink Different

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In ‘eatertainment’, we design and build our venues around the guest experience.  We want to maximize their journey through the venue and “wow” them with artistically clever touches.  We’ve all seen Bar Rescue and know how design can influence guest behaviors.   Who doesn’t want a beautiful space that leads the guest to the desired […]

Server Training

Improving the Server Experience

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The most memorable part of your meal should not be the price, wait, or regret.  Dining is about sharing an experience with people you care about, much like sitting around the table at your home home where  you break bread with friends and family. 

Small Plates

Small Plates Dining Revolution