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Introducing YOUR 3rd Spot

When we landed the name “The 3rd Spot “ for our innovative “eatertainment 2.0” concept, we knew we were on to something.  A play on the term “the third place”, originally coined by sociologist Ray Oldenberg, the name perfectly encapsulated our purpose of building community and connecting people.  

A 3rd Spot is a place that people can convene to see familiar faces, make new acquaintances, relax and enjoy leisure time.  It’s a home away from home.  Everyone has their first spot (home), their second spot (work), so we created a “third spot” to be an all inclusive environment to unplug and connect. A spot where time is valued, exploration is encouraged and memories are created – a spot where you can have a unique experience. 

We believe the true value of any experience is subjective in that no two people can have the same experience.  An experience is perceived based on the event itself and any number of personal factors including your mood, preferences and prior experiences.  However, most entertainment brands are focused on a one-size-fits-all experience where everyone is anonymously funneled to that same activity and gets the same generic experience.  That one dimensional experience earns a one-time visit. There has always been friction here, so we’ve been very intentional in creating a venue where our experiences would be as diverse as our guests.  Where no two visits need to be the same.  Novelty is key to memorable experiences, after all.

How do we do this?  Instead of building a concept around the idea of “things”, we decided to build it around YOU.

The key catalyst in making this possible is technology.  Technology and hospitality don’t have to be mutually exclusive and when done right, technology actually allows those providing hospitality to focus more on the guests and less on playing the middleman between you and the venue.  Your personalized 3rd Spot experience begins when our app takes stock of your mood and your plans before making recommendations.  It allows you to maximize your time in ways that are special to you and your guests.

The more we’ve developed our brand and continued to make choices to double-down on this core belief of building our concept around our guest (YOU) rather than a core activity, the more we realized our name wasn’t perfect just yet.  We were never just “The 3rd Spot”. The word “the” implies that something is common or known, which goes against the personalized and unique experience we’re building for YOU. 

Introducing “Your 3rd Spot”.  A place that connects people and builds community by offering a home away from home, built around experiences tailored for YOU.

December 10, 2021

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  1. Ebony says:

    The fact that there was so much thought put behind the brand to curate an experience for the people is amazing. Again, putting people first is how we grow as a community and Y3S makes sure that feat is put forth, and that’s why we love coming here!